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Why You Should Proclaim Your Property In The Spirit

The code of heaven

Some declarations we make in the spirit are never in vain. We can receive most of our Properties by declararing with our mouths. Proverb 27:18 says, our tongues have power over life and death and those who know it shall eat it's fruits.

God ordains us for our greatness even before we are born. He spoke to Jeremiah and told him. Before he was born he already ordained him a king. Jeremiah 1:5

Jeremiah 29:11 says, for I Know the plans that I have for you. The plans not to harm you but to give you bright future and hope.

Therefore, when you get born again, everything belonging to you on this earth is given an heavenly code. This code is inscribed with your name in it. When making declaration you need to proclaim every property belonging to you in the spirit.

If you are planning to marry, that wife is coded with your name in the heavenly realms. The same applies to children, ministry, prosperity, accademic Excellency, financial breakthrough, employment etc.

May God give you the grace of making effective declarations. Whatever you are desiring from the Lord is for you. Nobody to steal it even the enemy in Jesus.

I can't know what you need but God knows. Make declarations down here through your comments in Jesus name

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