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'Maajabu Haya' DP Ruto Is All Smiles After IEBC Reveals The Following Details

In 2022, the political muscles continue to attract more forces. The Aspirants are now urging leaders to register as voters. In 2022, DP William Ruto has a chance to take the lead. This comes after recent IEBC data show that Rift Valley alone would have more than 7 million voters in 2022, while Raila's home will only have 3.8 million voters.

If Deputy President William Ruto wins the Rift Valley votes and the One Kenya Alliance Leaders stay in the race, Hon. Raila Odinga's campaign will be done since the OKA votes harm his strongholds. They will have to split the votes in the middle and the second i command will pass in between.

Despite the fact that William Ruto does not tour the Rift Valley region, he has deployed foot soldiers to protect the region. His allies are keeping tabs with the supporters and this has really helped Ruto to maintain his support. Recently William Ruto has been making inroads in the Mountain Region and the vote base there is massive.

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