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"Njaa Kuzidi Kajiado" Parents And Elderly Accompanies Their Children To School To Receive Food

As the severe drought and resulting hunger continue to bite, parents and the elderly in Kajiado County are accompanying their children in school to receive a plate of food during lunch.

Daniel Lantai, the head teacher of Ilbisil Primary School, claims that because some of the parents allegedly beg for food, the school has resorted to giving them little parts of the meal.

As students have been waiting in line for lunch with diligence for nearly a week now, a few parents have been following suit with their plates in hand.

Hakuna chakula nyumbani...anakufa ng'ombe, mbuzi imekufa ata punda...yaani hakuna kwa nyumba kitu chochote, according to Ann Santila, one of these parents.

Another person who said this was Santira Siaraka asked: "Badala ya kuenda kuiba si niende kukula na watoto? Sisi wakongwe, ata mwalimu wa hapa anatusaidianga.

The situation is so bad that some parents choose to assist in the preparation of lunch by gathering grains to bring home and prepare for their families. Resources at the school are being stretched thin by the circumstance.

Head teacher Lantai said: “Inaleta changamoto kwa boarding sababu sasa itaisha kabla ya siku na ata saa hii fees wazazi hawalipi...fees tunategemea low cost ya serikali na ndio tunatumia kununua chakula na pia kulipa watu na kununua maji na stima.”

According to a report released by the Kenya Food Security Steering Group, 5.4 million Kenyans may experience severe food shortages by the end of the year.

According to the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA), the country has had 2.6 million animal deaths as a result of the continuing drought.

Drought has serious consequences on counties outside the ASAL zone, including Machakos, Elgeyo Marakwet, and Murang'a.

Content created and supplied by: Antonrudiger (via Opera News )

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