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Raila Odinga Gives Reasons for Mass Action Against President William Ruto's Government.

The Azimio party leader Raila Amolo Odinga speaking at the Jaramogi Oginga Foundation center announced the start of nationwide mass action against the Kenya Kwanza government after the 14 day ultimatum elapsed, the Azimio leader says they are going to launch a campaign of defiance peaceful protests, boycotts and disobedience.

The reasons the Azimio leader gave for the mass action in his speech to the Nation are :

1. High cost of Living

"The high cost of living in Kenya is a result of the massive looting of public resources and heartless withdrawal of subsidies to food,fuel and education by the Kenya kwanza regime in the middle of drought and economic meltdown." says Hon, Raila Odinga

2. Over-taxation

" The over-taxation by this illegitimate regime is killing our businesses and damaging opportunities for investments. This must immediately stop for Kenya to economically recover. For this reason, Mr Ruto must go."~ Raila Odinga.

3.Importation of GMOs.

"The importation of GMOs by Ruto and the company is a scheme to destroy the country's food basket and to make Kenyans slaves to American multinationals while enriching his cronies." ~ Hon. Raila Odinga

4. Reconstitution of the IEBC.

"The attempt by the Kenya Kwanza regime to single-handedly reconstitute the IEBC by forming a William Ruto electoral commission is a reckless adventure intended to wreck this country." ~ Raila Odinga

5. Supreme court treatment to Azimio petition.

"The contempt with which the supreme court treated the Azimio One Kenya presidential petition in the epitome of judicial sagary from judges." ~ Raila Odinga

6. Victimization of commissioners

"The victimization of commissioners, Masit, Cherera, Nyang'aya and Wanderi for standing with the truth against Chebukati." ~ Raila Odinga

7. Accumulation of all powers

"The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary by Ruto is a definition of trinary and dictatorship, Ruto is buying the legislature, influencing the supreme court and sole executive decision maker." ~ Raila Odinga.

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