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Bi Salama tells Sultana the whole truth about her real parents. Sultana Monday edition

Asiya goes to Ua's room. She is looking for Sada.

On the other side of Dida she is playing a song and adds more volume because she is stressed. Maria comes up with an idea. She suggests that they should relocate from there and attack Fatma from another place so that when Fatma comes for revenge she won't find them. Dida says Fatma is very clever and will surely discover their new hiding place. She suggests that they inform the police before they attack so that Buya... Before she finished Buya arrived. He asks them what they are talking about. Dida says she doesn't know but maria says something which leaves Dida smiling.

JJ and sultana will arrive at the pilgrimage. Sultana Will ask JJ weather he is sure this is the way Bi salama led him through. Sultana wonders why she hasn't been told that JJ's mother was also buried there. They continue going.

Babu doesn't trust Mwanzele and thinks he can get paid by Major to kill him. Mwanzele will say that Babu is just blaming him so that the villagers can kill him. Mwanzele says he's going to live with Major because Major is the only person who cares for him in the village. Bi salama will arrive to say goodbye as she heads back to town.

Sultana and JJ will arrive at JJ's mother's grave. Sultana will say jj is dreaming. JJ doesn't know that sultana was also brought here and told that this is her mother's grave.

The episode ends with Bi us arriving where Major and Fatma are sitting.

She authoritatively tells major that Fatma is ruining their marriage. Major is shocked and asks Ua if she is the one talking. Bi Ua says she is still mad and she doesn't know where they will lock her next. Fatma says she knew Ua was healthy when she attacked her.

On the other hand Sada is telling Bi Salama that she should tell sultana the truth about her real parents. END

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