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How Often Do We Really Need To Shower According To Science

Define your skin typeFor those who have oily skin, lathering up may appear to be like the perfect way to make it look more matte, but that won't actually work because harmful chemicals in the soap can dry out your skin, causing your oil glands to produce even more sebum, and your face will end up looking even more greasy. If your skin is sensitive and dry or you’re suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis, taking more than one shower per day can trigger inflammation, causing your skin to itch even more. To avoid skin irritation, some dermatologists even recommend showering two to three times a week.

Take a closer look at your hair

Most people have a habit of taking a shower first thing in the morning and washing their hair with their favorite shampoo, this can make you feel clean and will help you style your hair easily. However, shampooing every day may keep your hair from looking its best, especially if you have curly or textured hair. If you’re a curly-haired girl, washing your hair once a week is enough because your locks need sebum to keep the moisture in. Keep in mind that, only people with fine hair need to wash it every day because straight and thin hair gets coated by sebum easily and looks oily much faster.

Think of your workout schedule

If you go to the gym more often, it means that you have to hop into the shower more frequently. Showering right after a workout can help your muscles to recover more easily, prevent body acne, and even boost your immune system. And the same is actually true for people who work outside or are exposed to strong chemicals on the job, they will obviously benefit from daily showers.

Adapt your shower habits with the seasons

It’s only natural that you feel the need to shower every day or perhaps even twice a day because of the sweat. On the other hand, cooler temperatures mean you sweat less, so you probably need to shower less frequently. Your skin might feel extra dry and sensitive in winter months, and showering daily may irritate it and lead to even more dryness.

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