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Sources Reveal Details of New Crisis That has Hit Raila as his 'Mother of all Rallies' Approach

Opposition chief Raila Odinga has been hit by a series of political setbacks as he prepares for what he terms the “mother” of all mass demonstrations against President William Ruto's administration.

Apart from mass defections — including in his Nyanza political bedrock — close Raila associates are angling for government jobs, having been in the cold for a decade.

In his countrywide anti-Ruto rallies, several governors, including those elected on his ODM party, have either snubbed the meetings or declared opposition to the ongoing protests.

Experts have noted that the move by close allies of Raila Odinga will definitely affect him and his quest since without enough footsoldiers, his will be a losing battle.

Among the firebrand politicians who have skipped key rallies by Raila Odinga is Members of Parliament who have aligned themselves with president William Ruto amid having been elected under Azimio la Umoja affiliate parties.

As this happens, President William Ruto’s close allies have revealed a raft of strategies that the Kenya Kwanza government has lined up to counter opposition leader Raila Odinga’s campaign of defiance, putting on a brave face.

Security agencies have been put on high alert, forming cordons around sensitive government installations to hold back protestors. The ruling alliance has also instructed its politicians to tone down verbal attacks on former President Uhuru Kenyatta's family, to avoid cementing his bond with Mr Odinga.

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