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"I Love Your God" Reactions as Alex And Jalang'o Partners With Top Company to Complete Their Mansion

Langata Constituency parliamentary aspirant Jalang'o and his close ally Alex Mwakideu, who is a radio host at Milele FM, today partnered with a top plumbing company to help in the completion of their mansions currently under construction in Kitengela. 

Alex Mwakideu and veteran radio presenter Jalang'o were today spotted at the site where their houses are being constructed. 

The duo were spotted with a team from K Pipes and Fittings who have allegedly partnered with them to help with the piping of the two mansions belonging to Jalang'o and Mwakideu. 

Jalang'o and Mwakideu together with the team from K Pipes and Fittings happily carried a number of green water pipes on their hands as they posed for the photo. A lorry that transported the pipes stood at the background. 

In the background, a clear picture of one of the mansions could be seen. The storey building had taken a good shape. The workers had already completed the plastering of the interior of the house.

Some of the timbers used in the construction process were still intact. A worker donned in a blue overall and a yellow helmet is seen enjoying a seat on top of the timbers. 

On the outside, an electric meter box is seen carefully placed on the wall, showing that the electricity installation had been done. The post sparked mixed reactions from fans. Below are some of the comments that came from fans:

Hockley1094, "Nipe kazi ya piping🔥."

Annetteringa, "I love your God and hardwork."

Mutua 247, "Nipe kazi ya borehole drilling."

Bonface Pascal, "It's taking shape🔥🔥🔥🙌."

Nzisa Brianna, "Do they have thicker pipes?"

Eddie Murphy3222, "Who is your plumber?"

Terence Creative, "Very reliable company."

Its tit, "🔥🔥😂The best."

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