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'Hadi Nikamlipia Fee Na Rent Lakini Wapi' - Man Narrates How His Girl Dumped Him For KDF Soldier

Benard Okumu said that he met Maureen while teaching at a school and fell in love with her. That, however, did not endure long. He landed a job teaching at a private school in Malindi, where he earned KSh 90,000. Okumu told TUKO his story, and it's an emotional one.

"I met her in November 2018, and we dated for two years until 2020, when we planned to move in together. However, she became pregnant and claimed it was mine," he narrated. Okumu went ahead and informed his relatives, even planning to formalize their relationship.

But he was taken aback when he discovered she was having an affair with a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) member. "Her friend told me one day that she was dating two men at the same time (the soldier and I). She had no idea who had gotten her pregnant. The soldier's parents were prepared to send dowry to Maureen's family at the time," he went on to explain. The professional teacher was taken aback, and when he confronted Maureen about it, she admitted to cheating on him. They split up in May 2020.


Maureen is a person who spends a lot of money. While they were still together, the 27-year-old guy said he paid Maureen's school tuition and provided her with a comfortable existence. The soft-spoken instructor said he was ready to spend the rest of his life with Maureen, but things haven't been going well for him since the breakup. "I haven't moved on because every person I encounter looks like her, and we don't interact at all," he claimed.

Okumu gives men advice.

"I want to warn my fellow men not to give too much to women, whether it's money or time, because once you've been betrayed, you might as well commit suicide. For now, I need a single mother because I believe they have experience in life," Okumu said, adding that he is not frightened to fall in love.

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