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Raila Spills Beans On a Big Favour Ruto Asked For During Secret Meeting If He Lose August Poll

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has discussed the machinations that went on behind the scenes as President William Ruto prepared to become the helm of the recognized opposition.The former prime minister claimed that Ruto was aware he would lose the presidential election on August 9, 2022.

In an interview with KTN News, he revealed that as a result, Ruto met with numerous important diplomats in the nation and informed them that he was prepared to head the opposition. Raila said should he have won the election, Ruto asked the ambassadors to order Raila to establish the opposition office within Parliament.

"I'll give you some context for that memo. Because he knew they would not enter government, according to several senior diplomats in the country. They spoke with him in July "He stated.

"They inquired as to what he would do if he lost elections. He stated that he wishes to be a strong opposition leader and that he wishes for them to assist him in putting pressure on me to create the position of official opposition leader in Parliament."

The ODM leader was explaining the origins of President William Ruto's request to Parliament to amend the constitution and establish the office.

He stated that after Ruto was elected, diplomats approached him and requested that he establish the office of the official opposition leader.

"When elections occurred, they approached him and told him that what he desired to be created was now his responsibility. That is where this position came from. I learned this from several diplomats "he said.

Raila denied that the establishment of the opposition office was Ruto's way of saying hello.

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