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The Wajesus Family Share Their Big Announcement

The wajesus family is a Kenyan YouTube channel owned by two lovers. Kabi wa Jesus and Milly.The two have one kid called Taji wa Jesus.

Both have been on YouTube for long and they have been role models to many couples They have proved that marriage works.

Since last week the couple has shared many photos on social media of their big announcement.Many people have been waiting for the news eagerly.

Today they took to their YouTube channel to share the news to their fans.Many thought it was pregnancy news but they it turned to be something else.

They said that the news were the shop Kabi promised Milly earlier this year in Turkey is already open and they are making profits from it.They confirmed that God has guided them all through since they began the project.The clothes shop is selling men and boys outfits and they can't wait for their fans to order and promote them.

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