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The Troubles of Single Motherhood

At times, ladies become victims of rape, sexual abuse, failed marriages or even overreaction of sexual hormones. They at times end up being single parents to children that maybe they were not prepared to raise. One thing that we need to know is that they tend to suffer from emotional trauma combined with post-natal depressions.

At times, the society views them as either a curse or a burden to their families. Some of these people may end up committing suicide leaving behind these children as orphans.

Some of these ladies prefer to leave home to go and make ends meet at a different serene environment and at times, they have to use their own money to cater for the needs of their children back at home. At times, they became maids, sex workers or even bar attendants. These jobs pose more risk of further sexual abuse to them.

Some often work their way out to success. It is therefore important that single mothers be given respect like other members of the society

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