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Police Discover What Two Men Did To A 16-Year-Old Girl Moments After Locking Her Inside A Hotel Room

Two men from Sotik County of Bomet have been treated by police officers that we're notified of their terrible act. That they are reported to have done to a 16-year-old school-going girl.

The men allegedly locked themselves inside a hotel room in order for them to mercilessly defile an underage pupil at an area known as Tembwo in Bomet.

However as fate would have it another colleague that witnessed the ordeal, made a steady decision of informing the local police officers that arrived at the scene at a lightning speed.

The police officers from Sotik Police Station responded immediately and this led to the arrest of the hoodlums that there 40 days had arrived.

The young innocent girl was rescued and taken to the hospital to be treated. She was visibly in pain from what she had undergone in the hands of grown men that are supposed to be her watchers in this our society.

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