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"No One Ever Made A Difference By Being Like Everyone Else" Karen Nyamu States On Social Media.

Earlier today, famous politician karen nyamu offered a piece of advice to her fans as the week starts. posting on her social media pages, the mother of three stated that one's journey won't be the same as anyone else's so one is not supposed to allow the world tell them how it is supposed to look.

Caren further stated that no one ever made a difference by being like everyone else. many social media users were touched by her post and they rushed to the comment section to agree with her. below is a few of their comments;

Nyamu has been a subject of discussion the whole of last week especially after it was revealed that they had reconciled with her lover samidoh. the two were spotted wearing matching outfits at their daughter's birthday party and many were left with questions. despite of edday nderitu samidoh's wife posting a touching message on social media, the politician still seems unbothered.

Many have urged her to give up on samidoh but she has not yet responded. according to edday, their marriage with samidoh was smooth until he decided to cheat with nyamu. she further stated that nyamu was disrespectful and old thus would never be in a polygamous family with her. the post was received with mixed reactions on social media and many are now waiting for samidoh to speak out.

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