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How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Keep it short and sweet. Being direct may come across as unwelcoming. Go straight to the point and use open-ended questions that will motivate her to talk more. It allows her to elaborate and this stretches the conversation. There is good progress in the engagement.

Keep a positive tone and avoid talking about heavy intense situations to avoid making the conversation awkward.

Be complimentary. The more sincere a compliment is, the more it will be taken to heart. Do not go about exaggerating on the unsure compliments. This may not sound well with the girl. Let her know of the things about her that you like. Concentrate more on her character than the physical aspects.

Ask a playful question. Flirting is not supposed to be too serious or intense.

Use inside jokes. It can bring a sense of familiarity. You can use emoji for the emotional flavor of your messages. Make sure not to go overboard.


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