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KRA Issues A Public Notice To All Kenyans Instructing Them To Do this Before February 3rd

Kenya Revenue Authority is the organization tasked by the government to deal with revenue collection in Kenya. Recently, President Ruto instructed the organization to increase revenue collection by widening the tax base. In an effort to achieve this, the Kenya Revenue Authority announced earlier today that it had revised the excise duty tax regulations 2017 and developed a new excise duty regulation dated 2023.

In the new excise duty regulation, KRA seeks to increase the tax on certain commodities in Kenya by increasing the stamp duty on these goods. Among the goods whose taxes were increased are beauty and cosmetics products, fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, and tobacco products, including cigarettes.

The decision by KRA is still not final, and the public has been given a chance to give their opinion through a public notice issued through the KRA portal and also on their social media pages. The public has been given until February 3rd to issue their opinion.

"The Commissioner General invites interested members of the public and stakeholders to submit their inputs and comments for consideration in the finalization of the regulations," stated their post on Twitter.

Anyone with a comment to submit can do so by contacting the commissioner general for the Kenya Revenue Authority or contacting them through their email given below. Comments from the general office will be used to finalize the excise duty regulation 2023. 


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