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DCI Reveals What 3 Officers Tasked With Death Investigation Disciplines Are Currently Doing in USA

The Directorate of Criminal investigations has revealed details of its three officers who are in the United States of America and what took them there.The detectives are drawn from the Homicide department.

Details of the three officers have been revealed and they are Frederick Odemba,Vincent Langat and Patrick Wachira.The three were allegedly selected from the country's top cream in investigating death disciplines.

The three top DCI officers are on training on matters to do with Homicide and have joined an elite group of professionals who investigate death disciplines and Homicide cases across the world.

The trio are undergoing training done by the International Homicide Investigation Association(IHIA). They will be trained in various disciplines related to homicide such as criminal behaviourism and intelligence analysis.

The DCI has highlighted that their training would help the investigative agency to have capacity in solving various homicide related cases.

"The experience acquired by the detectives in the training, will undoubtedly go a long way in assisting the Directorate solve homicide cases expeditiously and deliver justice to victims of crime," DCI notified.


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