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"Sitarudi Tena Kwa Hii Church" Reactions After Mike Sonko's Latest Post Online, Video

Mike Mbuvi Sonko is the former governor of the county government of Nairobi. Sonko was impeached after he was alleged of being corrupt, abuse of office, and gross misconduct.

After his impeachment, Sonko has been posting motivational items on his social media and memes to pass time. Many times he gets to engage his diehards through such posts and get to know what people expect from him.

In his official Facebook account a few moments ago, Sonko posted a video of a priest explaining to congregants why they need to take care of themselves despite being saved. The priest added that many people have contracted deadly diseases such as HIV by failing to protect their bodies.

The former Nairobi governor made fun of the video and cautioned that he will no longer go to church since the priest was saying the truth.

Click the link below to watch the video:

Sonko's post attracted reactions from netizens:

Do you think the priest is right?

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