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There is need to lay a strong foundation for education progress.

Education is life.At times everyone sees it just as a tool for attaining different goals in the fields of life.Which is very true.For better lives and realistic goals ,education is the key.

Traditionally people never valued education at all, instead they could emphasize on wealth that they owned,cattle and large farms were there only life option.Girls could be married so that the family can be equipped with wealth.This was the only way that was used to eradicate poverty.

Today in Africa and the globe,things seem to fall apart.The population has become huge and people can not entail to have large tracts of land like in the past.This is what has greatly impacted to development and emergency of education.In as much as education has been highlighted and formulated,some communities are still making decisions of turning back to their traditional forms of education.Female genital mutilation and earlier forced marriage is what they are still prone to.

It is not through FGM that education can be empowered.Taking children to school in order to receive modern education is part of the option for placing them on high levels of prosperity and future success.African countries have raised heights in ensuring that children do not stay at home in the name of lacking school fees.The United Nations and the global communities have greatly emerged to empower education in Africa.

However, some countries have been experiencing fatigue in gender based violence and nullification of children's rights.It is wise that each country should now root its systems towards empowering education.

To empower education begins from the background of the child who has great vision in achieving the goals of success.Parents and guardians need to be of more keen in stimulation of education demands.Paying school fees,clothing and all essentials required in education progress.

Teachers in Africa also need to plan well on how to ignite education system to students.Through code of conduct and acknowledgement of situations matters a lot.Apart from basic education,there should also be empowerment of natural education.This is majorly based on the way of living.How people should behave in the society and treat each other.

At times, it is hugely experienced that most learned youths in African continent have no respect to the unlearned they just take them as people without life.This should not be the case.There is much needed to erudite barbaric styles that are eembeddingeducation system.This is through the commitment of the church,parents the government and all well-wishers.

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