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Lockdown In Nairobi Should Be Lifted Under The Following Conditions (Opinion)

Corona virus disease has caused alot of suffering to citizens. Many activities have been brought to a standstill since this deadly virus hit our country. Among the most affected sector being education. Corona has changed the academic calendar of this country.

Due to the third wave that was confirmed recently, president Uhuru Kenyatta put some measures to help in managing the spread of the virus. Out of these measures, the most crucial one is the issue of Lockdown that was imposed in 5 counties that seemed to be the hotspot in spreading the virus.

Since this lockdown was imposed, we have witnessed a gradual decrease in the rate of infection for the past two weeks. This clearly indicates that the covid-19 curve has started to flatten. Therefore I think it is high time that president Uhuru should come out to revise his measures.

The issue of imposing lockdown in Nairobi has subjected the residence to hunger. Many people have lost their source of livelihood. Therefore in my own opinion, I think president Uhuru should ease the lock down in Nairobi but under the following conditions.

The roadblocks should still be put in all roads leading to the capital and all health officials should be in such areas to confirm that whoever is entering or living the city is tested of covid-19.

All people traveling in and out of the city must provide a covid-19 certificate for him or her to be allowed into or out of the city. Finally, all people living or entering the city must be vaccinated for covid-19.

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