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“Kipara Kama Matako Ya Mtoto” Citizens React After Eric Omondi Insults Kenyan Artists Live On Camera

Eric Omondi Ongao popularly known as Eric Omondi is a former Kenyan international footballer. He is a Kenyan comedian who posts satirical and musical comedy videos to his YouTube channel where he has amassed over 280,000 subscribers on his YouTube account. Being a creative stand up comedian, has given him fame hence the tittle the president of comedy in Africa.

Last week Eric began a rally to fight for the rights of Kenyan comedians and artists. He said that they will have peaceful demonstrations at parliament buildings on Tuesday in order for a bill favouring them as artist to be passed.

Minutes ago in an interview, Eric has used abusive language to address some artists who have said that they won't support him. He said that he doesn't need their support and that the bill must be passed with or without them.

In the comments section citizens have reacted where one has told him to use clear language to pass his message.

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