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Revealed: How Some Teachers Earn Double Salaries After The Signing of CBA By Staying Put in Unions

The teachers have for along time been agitating for higher salaries.This in most cases do see them go to the streets in the name of strikes.In most cases,they have ended up returning to classes with a condition of signing a return-to-work formula.

Teachers recently signed a new CBA that will go through to 2025.The CBA has been protested by the teachers who have felt that they have not gained anything substantial.The teachers never got a monetary component in the CBA.This has rattled them.

In the CBA,the school administrators have been barred from being union members.In fact they are not deducted the union dues.However,some head teachers are earning double salaries since the CBA that barred them from the unions were signed.Apart from the TSC salaries,they also earn the union salaries as it was before. Knut Homabay Branch Secretary Mr Patrick earns union salary and at the same time earns head teacher's salary as TSC employee.Mr Patrick is the current head teacher of Gendia primary school.Are such teachers genuinely Knut leaders?

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