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How To Know If Your Child Is Being Bullied

A sudden decrease in self-esteemSometimes when a child is bullied, it causes the kid to start questioning their self-worth. They feel like they are on the receiving end of these actions for almost no reason at all. As a result, their self-esteem starts to drop. They keep their head down when walking or they speak in a very soft voice. The kid won’t talk when not directly addressed or might completely avoid such situations.

Lost or damaged belongingsA surveys that done showed that about 29% of those who are bullied are hurt physically. You must check all your child’s things to see if they have missing or destroyed belongings, like books, gadgets, clothing, or jewelry. It could be a sign of bullies taking their things from them or hurting them.

Trouble sleeping or nightmaresA child who suddenly have difficulty sleeping or frequent nightmares, it could be a sign of being bullied. Research shows that being bullied may have a direct impact on a child’s sleep quality. Parents should try keeping tabs on your kids at night as much as you can.

Avoidance of friends and social circlesYou may sometime notice that your child opting to stay at home rather than go meet friends. This could be a signs of growth or fear. They could be wanting to avoid chances of meeting bullies any way they can. Instead, they stay home for longer because dropping out of school may not be an option for them.

An abrupt change in attitude toward parentsThe child’s emotional health can be affected when the he or she is bullied. The child may begin to exhibit changes in how they handle their feelings. If they are a victim of bullying, they will deliberately start doing the wrong things following what the bullies do to them. They start taking their aggression out on siblings or even their parents,this could be an attempt to feel like they’re in control.

They unusually ask for money or other thingsYou should keep in mind that bullying can come in different forms, it can be physical, verbal, social, or virtual. Bullies may pressure their victims to start giving them more. As a result of that intimidation, kids might start asking their parents for more items or more money than they’d normally need.

Unexplainable injuriesSome bullies can become physically violent, if your child suddenly has injuries or bruises, it could be a sign that they are being bullied. If they’re unable to explain where they got the wounds, it can be grounds for worry

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