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Why Females Live Longer Than Males

You probably wonder why is that women tend to live longer than men,but worry no more because I've done a good research and managed to come up with three main reasons as to why women live longer than men :

1.Men Abuse their bodies more

According to world health organization,more men roughly 40% do smoke as compared to 9% of women.When it comes to drinking it's again men leading.Many males drink as compared to women.Smoking and drinking may interfere with someone's health and hence reduced life span.

2.Women have estrogen

Scientists believe that because of estrogen's protective effect , premenopausal women are less likely to have coronary heart disease than men and women women who have hit menopause.

3.Girls are more robust from the moment they are born

Some scientists believe that girls are more robust ,stronger and healthier than boys from birth itself.

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