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Government Declares Monday 11th Public Holiday

The government of the republic of Kenya under the leadership of the head of the national president Uhuru Kenyatta has declared Monday, 11th of October a holiday. According to an official memo shared by the people daily news update, Monday will be a public holiday.

This is according with provision of section 2 and 4 of public holidays act, it has been confirmed that Kenyans will have a public holiday which will commence on 10th Sunday.

According to the reports the Public holiday is referred to as the Utamaduni Day and it is reported that it will be the first day Kenyans will be celebrating. In a press released Kenyans have been encouraged to take their time to enjoy the importance of their cultural events during this Utamaduni Day.

It is the day that Kenyans are urged to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Kenya in a manna that promotes unity, national cohesion and economic progress in the country.

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