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Things That Demoralizes University Students From Continuing With Their Four Year Course (0pinion)

Students in the universities still face some challenges despite the full freedom given unto them.The following are things that Demoralizes University Students from Continuing With their studies.


This has made majority of students to boycott semester since all university mandates that for one to sit for end semester examination they must clear all the semester fees.This makes learners to lose hope since the year of completion and graduation is delayed.


This is the worse state since universities does not provide meals thus forcing the students to boycott classes to go and hustle in order to meet their basic needs.In my opinion the students should not compare themselves with others.


This refers to examination students resit after performing dismally in a particular subjects.The exams is normally issued after paying the stipulated amount.Students tends to lose hope if they have several retakes thus quiting universities.


This is the major one since some tends to use their fees to spoil their partners thus ending up missing exams.Some even quit due to heartbreak and shame of being lonely.

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