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Raila Won't Be In The Ballot? Temperature High As Details Of Odinga's 2022 Presidential Race Emerges


With only a few months till the general elections, the former prime minister continues to leave his opponents in a quandary over whether he will be on the ballot or not. Raila Amolo, the head of the Orange Democratic Movement, has recently been criticized by Deputy President Dr. William Ruto of lacking a flag bearer.

Secret opinion surveys that the Former Prime Minister has been conducting in order to help him make a choice on 2022 have surfaced today.

Raila, through his Orange Democratic Movement Party, has worked with two renowned pollsters who have been analyzing Raila's popularity around the country, according to a report published by the Standard today.

Raila will be guided by the final report from these two pollsters in deciding whether or not he should be on the ballot.

Raila is also anticipating the announcement of the Mount Kenya Foundation's recommended successor on November 15th of this year.

During a meeting with OKA executives, the Foundation revealed that it did not have a candidate for the year 2022.

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