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Facts About Ordinary Things That Prove This World Is Full Of Surprises

Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia. Arabian camels d exist but they are used only for the entertainment of tourists and as transport. On the other hand, they prefer Australian ones for culinary purposes.

It was discovered by scientists that hippos and whales have a common ancestor that lived about 50 million years ago. So it can be said that whales and hippopotamuses are distant relatives.

Ritter Sport chocolate started to be produced in the shape of a square after jackets with square pockets became popular in the 1930s. The company decided to set up production of square chocolate bars that would fit into these pockets but would not break and had the weight of regular chocolate.

There is a high probability that will die if he or she eats a polar bear's liver. The liver contains too much vitamin A and, in this amount, causes hypervitaminosis and severe poisoning.

Despite their external similarity, hares and rabbits cannot have joint offspring. And also they have a different number of chromosomes, the rabbits have 22, and hares have 24.

Planes are mainly painted white because the color makes it easier to find any malfunctions like noticing oil stains or cracks. The second reason is that because the color white prevents a plane from heating up. Any other color will absorb sunlight and lead to a plane overheating.

It has also been proven by studies that babies smile pretty consciously and do it when they see that mom or dad are ready to smile back at them. They like to look at the smile of their parents, and, in fact, they achieve that smile with their own smile.

During the 19th-century England, macassar oil, which supposedly aided alopecia, was popular among men. Housewives began to cover the backs of furniture with napkins for the purpose of protecting furniture from oil stains. Since then, they have been called antimacassars, and these napkins can also be seen on the backs of chairs in trains and airplanes.

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