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The Cost of Constructing an Electric Rail

As technology improves day by day, there's need for improvement in transport globally. The use of an Electric of high electrIc rail has easen transport of goods and passengers. Most Developed Countries have electric trains. However, in the third world countries, affording to have at least one electric train may not be a walk in the park.

Electric Train comes with a lot of cost. In terms of constructing an electric rail alone, China's high speed rail with a maximum of 350km/h has an infrastructure unit cost of about US Dollars 17-21 million per kilometer (about 2.7 billion Kenya Shillings).

In 2017, Tanzania planned to use Ksh. 1.4 trillion within five years to build an electric rail. This is close to a half the budget of a third world country.

This has therefore driven most countries away from considering it in their annual budgets. Kenya for instance, resorted to Standard Gauge Railway which uses diesel.

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