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Al-shabaab suspects killed in Lamu

15 Al-shabaab suspects have been killed Lamu by their own IED. The suspects met their death after an IED they were planting exploded on the Sarira - Raskiamboni road in Lamu on the Kenya - Somali border.

It is not the first time the Al-shabaab cases have been reports in the country especially in the Coast region. It is by luck that their plan was futile today.

This means that the country should be very vigilant now and any citizen should report any suspicious person as long as terrorism is concerned.

The problems that the Al-shabaab leave behind with Kenyans after their terrorism activities are are difficult to recover from.

Last time they hit Kenya hard in Garissa will never be forgotten by many people.

The government should put necessary measures to tackle any plans that the group may be planning especial now that schools are almost closing to avoid any recruitment of young generation.

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