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Lucrative Profitable Businesses To Start In Kenya

There are many business opportunities which many individuals have commenced and are making good profits at the end of their accounting periods. As a result of the high rate of unemployment facing Kenyan at the whole world at large, individuals people are being forced to commence business to try their luck in this sector.There are very essential and lucrative business which when started your able to make good returns every end month and they include the following.

Farming Business-This a type of business which should never be undermined at any single day since it has good returns at the end of the day. If you have a portion of land, you can plant any type of vegetables including carrots, tomatoes, cabbages, onions, potatoes among others. You can as well plant maize, beans, cassava, sweet potatoes and peppers. When they are ripe, sell them and you will make good returns and profits at the end of the day.

Brick making - its another business opportunity which many individuals are sailing through, they're making profits out of brick making. The cost of one brick usually ranges between Ksh 7 to ksh 15 depending on the cost of making them. If you like 10000 bricks made per week, you're able to make a good selection amount of money at the end of the week you get a potential buyer.

If as a startup entrepreneur you start the above mentioned businesses, you're likely to succeed in this business industry and become a very rich person of you put committed and hard work on your job.

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