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Avoid The Following Mistakes While Driving A Manual Car

A manual car driver must be technical and with enough experience as compared to nowadays automatic transmission cars. Here are some mistakes if you drive a manual car you should at all avoid for the safety of your life and well being of your car.

1. Using the gear shift as a hand rest

While driving one should ensure that all his two arms should be on the steering wheel and not resting one on the gear shift. This habit can increase the speed of wearing out of selector fork which is directly connected to the gear shift.

2. Leaving car at a gear in a traffic light

While driving in a road where thier are many traffic lights holding down the clutch causes wear of the clutch. You should put your car to neutral or use handbrakes instead.

3. Using the clutch pedal to hold on an incline

Doing this will cause first wearing out of the clutch due to friction. A driver is advice to use clutch pedal to hold it in place but ensure it is engaged partially, you can also use handbrakes

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