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Raila Camp Allegedly Receives Good News Concerning His Recent Popularity

According to recent report gather from a reknowned polls company in the country, indicate that the odm party leader's popularity has shot up while as Ruto's plunges.

In the recent times the deputy president's popularity has been on the hike for a while now. The second in command has been able to pull large crowds in many areas in the country. He has mastered the art of mobilising his supporters in the grassroots to turn up in large numbers while attending his political rallies.

Ruto has used the church as a place to popularize his agenda of the 'we have God and the people. He has also perfected the hustler nation narrative to hoodwink many youths who are vulnerable. The popularity of Ruto and uda has been spiking in the past few days across the country outwitting hos opponents.

However, at the moment things are changing slowly with Raila swiftly joining the campaigns. According to the recent research by Infotrak, Raila's popularity has increased steadily from 48% to 65% a figure which seems to be unreal while Ruto's popularity has fallen from 59% to 45%. The survey was done between Feb to Dec of 2020.

This is great news to the Raila Odinga's. It clear that the majority of kenyans are now trying to embrace Raila Odinga. For instance his support from mountain is gaining momentum stadily. Below is the poll.

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