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Is It Right For Your Lover To Exchange Contact In Your Presence

In the olden days people communicated through different platforms such as the use of letters and landlines. It later advanced to telephone booths before cell phones. Cell phones made work easier and faster to send and receive a message. Cell phone provided other platforms such as the Facebook where people chat all over the world. 

Twitter and Instagram is another platform where people communicate. A cell phone apart from easement communication it have contributed to bad vices in the society such as cheating of couples. once a family said view your partners cell phone as police post. Nowadays people interact in different places such as worship places, recreational places and also social gatherings.

People tend to find new friends and exchange numbers and later communicate. The big question in my article comes as follows, should you allow your lover to exchange a number with another partner in your presence. This was some reactions from Kane's television fans Facebook page. 

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