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Avoid This Right After Giving Birth.

When you give birth you will feel some relieve after a long journey of carrying pregnancy and it's always good when you fish the race with a good looking healthy baby. But after the process, there are some things that one should avoid and do others . After giving birth you will be in a healing process for you to be normal after sometime and you can only heal if you are doing the right thing .

The following are some of the things to avoid after giving birth.

Avoid straining

After giving birth ,you need time to relax and avoid strainig for you to recover fully.Straining might be ;carrying heavy things, doing hard domestic chores and also practicing conjugal rights at an early stage .Straining after birth may lead to; back pain ,slow healing, bleeding and damaging of stitches. This is very dangerous when it happens to you. Therefore, avoid straining after giving birth , for you to heal quickly.

Avoid giving up on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding the baby is very healthy and this milk helps the baby to grow up without any health complications.when you are a new mother ,sometimes you may feel some pain when breastfeeding, of which this is normal because the baby will be forcing the milk to come out. So the friction imposed on the nipple makes it to become swollen thus causing some pain . Therefore, you should not give up breastfeeding your child because the pain last for just some time, and you become okay.

Avoid holding your pee for long time.

Holding pee is not healthy because, you will be straining your bladder. Many avoid peeing every time especially after giving birth because ,they feel it hurts them. When you feel to pee after birth just pee , stop holding your pee because as you strain your bladder , healing also becomes hard and slow.

Avoid assuming that you can't get pregnant

After giving birth, you may assume that you can't start to cycle . Starting to cycle after giving birth is very possible ,and you may end up getting pregnant again. It's good just to go for family planing few weeks after birth . This is just good for you to plan before getting pregnant again.

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