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Categories of Teachers Who May Miss The Recently Advertised TSC Internship Vacancies


Teachers Service Commission is a government body that certifies and regulates teachers in Kenya. You can not graduate with a teaching course from college or university and automatically become a TSC teacher in Kenya. Therefore you must undergo several requirements before you are employed by TSC. You must be registered by the Commission of Teachers, that means you must have scored minimum qualifications.

Today TSC released 1993 internship slots meant for both primary and secondary schools across the country. Therefore Teachers Service Commission invites applications from qualified candidates to fill those slots. However the following teachers may miss out these vacancies.

1. Those teachers not meeting minimum requirements

The commission gas set the minimum requirements for one to be employed as a teacher such as mean great of C+ plus at KCSE or its equivalent and minimum of C+ plus in the two teaching subjects. If one misses to meet these thresholds, then automatically you will be disqualified.

2. Those teachers without TSC numbers

Therefore one of the minimum requirements for teachers to be employed by TSC is that you be registered by the commission of teachers. That means all those registered must meet all the required thresholds. Therefore teachers without teachers numbers are likely to miss this recently advertised TSC internship vacancies.

3. Possession of two TSC number

It is clear that one may be assigned two TSC numbers by the commission through either making the application twice knowingly or unknowingly or one may have been registered and decided to apply for the number once again. If you are found in possession of two numbers, this will serve as a ground for disqualification during interviews. If have two TSC numbers, return one of them to the TSC headquarters so that bit can be deleted from the database to avoid disqualification during interviews.

4. Those with forged documents

Some teachers have gone ahead to forget the academic credentials such as some of them maybe did not graduate from their colleges. If an applicant presents a forged document, it acts a a basis for disqualification. What the TSC does, it that they contact the University that awarded that certificate in order to ascertain the creditability of the presented certificate.

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