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Otile Brown Speaks After His Top Songs Were Removed From YouTube.

(Otile Brown photo courtesy)

Celebrated Kenyan musician Otile Brown woke up to saddening news of his top songs being removed from YouTube.

The 32 years old singer and songwriter is among the few Kenyan musicians whose songs have been doing very well on YouTube with millions of views.

Otile Brown's all top songs namely: Dusuma, Chaguo La Moyo, Aiyana, Such Kinda Love, and Hi have been removed from YouTube. Dusuma and Chaguo La Moyo are the most-watched Kenyan songs on YouTube.

Otile Brown is currently in Johannesburg, South Africa working on a song with a South African based artist whose identity is yet to be disclosed.

Last night Otile Brown posted on his Instagram stories expressing his sadness after his songs were removed. He went ahead and asked why were his songs removed? Moreover, the singer also wrote that anyone should never cross an honest person.

(Photo courtesy)

The reasons why Otile Brown's top songs were removed from Youtube are yet to be revealed by the singer.

I hope his songs are uploaded back to YouTube for Otile is a very talented and hard-working musician. Thank you for reading to the end. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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