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Revealed, Annoying People You Are Likely To Find In Any Matatu Stage In Nairobi

Matatu stages especially here in Nairobi can be a nightmare to travelers, especially to new residents. We all know that Kenyans love traveling to different destinations either for personal business or heading to work. It is no secret that almost 80 percent of Kenyans use Matatu to travel to their destinations, this explains why the Matatu industry is thriving. In a bid to share something in this booming business, we have some people who have trooped various Matatu stages with their intentions. These people can be annoying and if not, careful they can make your day worse. Will discuss here some of the annoying people you are likely to find at a matatu stage.

The Nagging Hawkers

You are seated in a matatu on a chilly evening from a stressful job, dreading the traffic this city always seems to be unable to manage and the matatu hasn't left the stage yet. While scrolling through social media keeping up with the latest goings-on and you are about to adjust the window when you break the cardinal rule of making eye contact with a hawker.

Within a second the hawker is there in your face reciting the line “soda, Maji, biscuit”. You shake your head in refusal and he walks on, you hear him signaling to his fellow hawkers to come to try their luck with you, the hawkers now pass by your window bidding their wares and you only respond with a dejected “sio leo ”. the worst mistake is turning down a hawker he/she decides to rain on you with insults- you will end up angry and frustrated.

The Conductors and 'Kamagiras'

These are the worst especially when you traveling upcountry. You can find yourself in the wrong Matatu. They are normally persuasive, it is very rare for you to turn them down. They are a pain in the neck especially when they fight for you like a pack of hungry wolves. Unlike most men, they don’t take 'No' for an answer. They are full of expletives that may make one stifle in embarrassment. You would be strolling through the stage only to be ambushed by a 'kamagira' (conductor) who reeks of alcohol and in a microsecond, you would be in a matatu headed to the Amazon forest.

The “Carriers”

They wield hand carts or wheelbarrows. You alight a matatu and out of thin air, they appear raring to lighten your burdens like low-budget Saviors. They are so callous in the way they snatch your loads. They tend to move at a high speed leaving you lagging behind huffing and puffing to catch up with them. Some of them though, while trying to keep up with their pace might disappear with your things into the sea of humanity that is usually at the stage.

Whom have you ever encountered? Share with us.

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