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What Will Happen To the Scene Where Baby Sagina Was Found Gouged Out His Eyes, Revealed

Nationwide, there have been instances of young children being mistreated and injured. One example is the young child Sagina, who was brutally tormented by his grandmother and other family members. In addition to being saddened by the incident, thousands of Kenyans urged the government to take swift action against those responsible for the young boy's cruel treatment.

According to the source, finally, what will happen to the place where baby Sagina was abandoned by the suspects who managed to remove his years some few months ago has been revealed. As per the latest updates shared by a well-known source this hour, it has been revealed that the court will visit the scene on Friday next week. Further, Chief Magistrate Ongweno has confirmed that the court proceedings will be held at the scene and asked all police officers from the region to give total security to those who will attend. Further, he has added that he has taken the action of visiting the scene because the case is reaching its climax and thousands of Kenyans are following.

This just came in after some suspects, including baby Sagina's grandmother, were arrested a few weeks ago and accused of being involved in removing baby Sagina's eyes.

The incident left thousands of Kenyans shocked and asking the government to do investigations and make sure that baby Sagina is getting justice. Currently, baby Sagina is under government protection, and he has been attending court proceedings virtually.

Let us continue praying for baby Sagina, because living without eyes is very painful.

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