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Tommorow's Games To Earn You Big

Barcelona vs Valladolid

Barca shall be looking for their 6th La liga victory at camp nou tommorow. Barca has had a very strong record with the visitors and are likely to show their prowess on monday. The visitors have been struggling out of the relegation zone and are just hoping for a surprise.

Prediction: 3-0

Everton vs Crystal Palace

Everton would really want to strengthen their hopes of finishing in top four when they welcome their visitors at goodison park tomorrow. Crystal palace however are struggling at the relegation zone and would not want to fail to get points to rescue them.

Prediction: 2-0

Wolves vs Westham

This will be the best showdown of the season with the hosts having a great advantage to get points at home but the visitors would hear nonetheless. This is a definite draw.

Prediction: 2-2

Reading vs Derby

Reading has shown a lot of confidence in most of their matches and are likely to overcome their opponents in the tomorrow's match

Prediction: 2-0

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