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Unburgained Marijuana use

Under the new constitution 2010,the law makers by then had a law drafted to deter members of the public from abuse of Marijuana commonly used by the Rastafarian community.

Anybody found guilty of this offence is entailed to a jail term of not less than seven years. Dispite this tough laws in place,marijuana has continued to take roots along the streets.

Schools boys and Higher learning institution students have found this illegal drug easy to abuse to the extend of becoming addicted as it sold as low as fifty bob along the streets in most towns.

The most saddening part of the story is, the other fraction of the public who by choice opted not to do the drugs are forced to incorporate the drug into their systems ignorantly through soft foods eg cakes etc as Marijuana is the most used food preservative.

Most medicinal drugs imported into the country have small percentage of the illegal drugs.Therefore the entire public get to abuse this illegal drug unknowningly in one way or the other.

It's with similar reason the Rastafarian community have moved to court to seek by law the legalization of the commonly abused drug along the streets.

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