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The Most Incredible Rotating Houses In The World.


This rotating guest house in New South Wales, Australia can be operated to rotate 360 degrees in any direction. The octagonal house is programmed to make small movements every couple of hours, which means you can experience different views of the surrounding landscape depending on the day, weather and season.


This two-storey property in Devon was designed with a rotating upper pavilion. The main living room and master bedroom are contained within the revolving floor of the structure, allowing occupants to take advantage of panoramic views of the landscape while relaxing.


This rotating eco home was designed and constructed by German architect Rolf Disch back in 1994. Intended to be as efficient as possible, it's capable of reserving more energy than it uses.

The four-storey structure consists of a central column and circular rooms that are connected via a spiral staircase. It contains a solar sail that collects energy from its rooftop, as well as a complex filtration system that recycles used water into clean, reusable water.

The property rotates 15 degrees per hour in accordance with the sun’s movements and contains large triple-pane windows on one side that draw in the sunshine. Its innovative design positions the glazing towards the sun in the winter months to maximise heat gain, and away from the sun in the summer to keep the interior cool.


American architect Richard Foster built his Round House in Wilton, Connecticut. It was constructed back in 1968 when Futurism and modernist architecture were at their height of popularity. Perched on Olmstead Hill, the UFO-shaped family house is designed to rotate 360 degrees, providing all rooms within the property with panoramic views of the forested landscape.


This rotating house on the shores of Prince Edward Island, just north of Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada, makes tiny movements throughout the day to give each of its rooms a panoramic view of the ocean. The Around the Sea house contains four rental suites with their own private decks where guests can soak up the sun.

Built on a rotating steel track system, it can take the house up to 45 minutes to make a full rotation, but the speed is so slow most people won't notice any movement at all.

The two-storey property's rotations can be easily controlled by visiting holidaymakers using a handy mobile phone app.


Casa Ruotante, Rimini, Italy.

Perched on a hillside in the province of Rimini, this circular dwelling has real architectural wow-factor. Designed by architect Roberto Rossi and constructed by ProTek, the 150-square-metre home rotates 360 degrees, allowing the homeowners to soak up the rolling rural views from every possible perspective.

Built on a circular pillar, the house can be mechanically rotated to follow the best of the light through the day. The home's rotation also directs the home's solar panels towards the sun, for maximum energy gain.

Inside, the neutral decor celebrates the dwelling's fascinating angles. It's kept warm and cosy thanks to walls insulated with hemp and wood fire.

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