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Wedding planning scene

Dramatic Scenes as Wedding Photographer Deletes 600 Pictures of Wedding After Being Denied Food

A bride and his groom are still in shock after what was supposed to be their dream wedding turned into a nightmare after disagreeing with their photographer. The incident which took place in the plush Hotel Comfy was turned into a battle ground as the guests attacked the media team that was to cover the filming and photography events.

According to Emmo FM digital news media platform, the ceremony was preceded well with a sermon by the resident pastor before relatives and close friends were given an opportunity to address the congregation and wedding attendees. It was later when food was served to the guests, the professional photo man decided to join the high table queue where chicken and rice was being served to the important guests but was rudely turned away.

Drama started unfolding when the photographer started causing a scene and cursing at the events organizers for starving him despite working hard to capture the best pictures for the bride. He went ahead and deleted the photos prompting the groom to physically confront him before police were called to restore order. Reports on the progress of the affair have not yet been availed.

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