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Emotionally Drained Police Officer Pleads with Men to Stop Battering Wives: "Wanazaa na Uchungu Sana

A police officer has attracted netizens attention after going viral on tiktok advising men to stop abusing their wives.

In the video he states that women bear so much pain in life and while giving birth without complain and never give up on their husbands.

The officer narrates how a women can carry pregnancy three times, twenty seven months without complaining. Each birth she endures so much pain and preservers.

"A woman carries a baby for you for nine months. Another one for nine months and another one for nine months. That's twenty-seven months in total and she has never gotten tired of you. When she goes to give birth, she does so in much pain that even most women go crazy," the officer said in the video.

The officer proceeded to say that, despite going through all that pain, some men will still abuse their wives for a slight mistake with intentions of divorcing her.

"But when he makes one mistake, you use that mistake to abuse her so that you can part ways," he added.

The officers sentiments were praised by people saying that his segments are correct. Here are some reactions.

Captainotoyo "If You know this Gentleman kindly tag him. I owe him a drink of his choice. No one has ever served it that well."

esie_githaiga "Nakwambia uyu tukifika mbinguni ntamgawia dhahabu zangu. (I tell you that when we get to heaven, I will distribute my blessings to him)."

What the officer is saying is true, women bear so much physical and psychological pain. Men need to respect the fact that a woman can give birth to life.

Content created and supplied by: ElizabethMukonyo (via Opera News )

Uchungu Sana Wanazaa


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