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"Wastage Of Money Producing Nonsense" Diana Marua Trolled After Dropping A New Song

Celebrities are some of the best trolls on the internet. Just think about it. They're online constantly, they have millions of people praising and criticizing them daily, and most of them won't suffer fools.

Diana Marua has today being brutally trolled online after releasing her new song 'Narudi Soko' In the song, she has mentioned several celebrities most being female and talking about falling but waking up and moving on. In this case, moving on is about returning back to the market directly translated from her song name.

Diana B has gone ahead and attached Andrew Kibe for being poor yet abusing people citing that he'll die in the 'ghetto' and be buried there.

"Andrew Kibe unatusi watu na wee ni masikini utakufa ghetto, utazikwa ghetto."

However most people are not pleased by Diana's new song. They have trolled on her Instagram feed for calling people poor in her song. Take a look,

"Unaita watu maskini heri tu ungebaki kwa content creation." Winfaithofficial

"Wah...Stivo Simpoy Boy. I'm sorry I underestimate you🥲🥲." Labanisimaloi

"Natutawai compete Naija kweli kama hii ndio mziki wasanii wanatoa." boychild_

"Umeamua kuforce talent kabisaa uone kama itakubali😥😂😂😂😂." being_irene

"Nasibabako pia alikuwa maskini Hadi unauza mwili uwalishe? Umasikini sio kilema kanyee gaka." mamake_talya

"If this is the best part of the song that wastage of money producing nonsense enda ukasikie vibaya huko shosho wewe team kifee tunakuja." nyambura2071

"There is this saying Pride comes before a......Sisi tuko ghetto." jackilnepop2

"Personally I detest pride... And calling someone new low from you that God should just forgive you." madam_fix_it

"What do you mean when you call someone 'Masikini'? Coz to me it doesn't make any sense. What's the meaning of Masikini? Is it masikini wa hela? Or masikini wa akili? Or masikini wakiroho? Or masikini wa Mali? Or just elaborate to us." Frankboizer1

"Mimi Acha nisikize tu Embarambamba😍🔥 🔥 " babra565

"😂😂😂we better nisikize tumbo ikighuruma." myllieh_shanty

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