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Kenyans React After William Ruto Posted The Following

Kenyans have reacted on social after Doctor William Ruto posted on Twitter the following about Religious leaders. William Ruto said that the Religious leader can provide a good leadership in improving the Covid-19 Vaccination.

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Taking on his Twitter verified According Doctor William Ruto Wrote the following,"Religious leaders can provide leadership and mobilization to drastically improve the Covid-19 vaccination. They have the capacity to facilitate public education swiftly and conclusively, this can help us win the war against this disease over the long term an reopen the economy", Ruto Wrote.

Below are some of reaction from Kenyans in Twitter:

"Be careful what you are calling the church, the so called "Church" in kenya is compromised and it's not the true church", Henry stated.

"In six months’ time, the stadium in Wote will be complete, in three month’s time the stadium in Chuka will be complete, in three month’s time the stadium in Moyale will be complete and in six month’s time the stadium in Kamariny, West Pokot, will be complete", Japhet Commented.

"You have the most advanced phone sir, Those who don't understand technology are left wondering how it auto searched Equity contacts,called and engaged them on your behalf", Vincent Agutu stated.

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