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Why Campus Students Should Not Go Home After Graduating From University Education

Every morning as I woke up in my residential place at a small town in Central Kenya, the thought of making it in life has always pegged in my mind. Like, how will I make it to the top if the situation out there is unfriendly for many unemployed graduates. Little did I know that time was fast moving and new ways of thinking should be appreciated.

Now, the major problem facing youths in Kenya is the lack of job opportunities. But even if that is the case, we can never go deficit of opportunities. Why would a university graduate lack opportunities whereas they present themselves in various ways. Maybe the graduates can't see them that easily even despite the knowledge they have gained all through.

My point a university graduate should not go home after completing campus. What is there at home that is so appealing to them. Remember, at that age it is inevitable for them to generate income that sustains their lifestyles. Going home back to your parents only means you are going to a comfort zone where you're provided with almost everything.

By saying that, I mean they provide food, shelter and some airtime money. So one would be blinded by that making them overlook the bigger picture of growing and becoming independent. You can't also do away with the fact that time is fast moving and getting old chips in. That's why after completing campus education, one should go out there hustle like a drop out (no offense) in a bid to train self on how to make money and learn how to live with struggle and independence both in the equation.

If you go back to your parents, your mind will be clouded thinking that there are no opportunities. There are many opportunities out there. Car wash, hospitality industry, transport, supermarkets and many others have opportunities where you can earn some money.

If you can look closely at the youths who went home to their parents and the ones who began the life of independence by hustling there is a big difference. The ones who decided to hustle have made reasonable progress and they will continue with that until you find that they got well paying jobs in the process of hustling.

Connections won't be made at home where you're provided with everything including airtime. The ones who struggle make and look for money will forever win the game. Even if they don't make it today, they will do so eventually.

Remember, "It's not important to achieve everything in first or one go. But it is extremely vital to make positive progress in reasonable time."

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