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Kenyans Woken to bad News Concerning the Price of Maize Flour

Maize flour is a basic commodity in the country. This is because many people rely on this important product as their staple food.

Over the last one year, the price of the maize flour has been increasing significantly due the shortage of maize in the country. This has been orchestrated by the persistent drought that has hit the land in three consecutive seasons.

Kenyans have woken to bad news as the price of maize is set to increase significantly in few days to come.

The people will have to dig dip in their pockets to get a packet of maize flour. This is because the price of the flour is set to go up significantly.

According to the United Grain Millers association, through their chair person Mr. Ken Nyaga, they are contemplating increasing prices of maize flour due to the shortage of maize.

Mr Nyaga said that they are unable to continue with their operation since the government has failed to pay them the money under the subsides programme during the Jubilee government.

They owners of the millers have been left without the money to continue with their operation.

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