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Have You Ever Noticed The Small Pocket Inside The Jeans Main Pockets? See Why It's There

Different clothes are modified differently to fit whoever will wear them. However, some jeans have a tiny pocket inside the main pockets. Have you ever wondered it's actual role. It's not there for beauty or something dealing with good look. See why the pocket is placed there.

The pocket is majorly meant to store watches and it is too tiny to accommodate big things. Placing your thumbs or money in it will not be actually making good use of it. That's why it's commonly called the watch pockets.

Some people do think that it's for placing coins and small valuables. But it was traditionally used to store watches that could not be tied on the wrists. Working men could have there works easier as pocket watches could be easily accessed. Nowadays the world has gone digital and the idea of placing watches in them is outdated as smartphones have taken the greater part of things. They can handle several things at ago.

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