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Former Chelsea Goalkeeper Petr Cech Reveals Manchester United Star Who Was His Toughest Opponent

Well, Petr Cech will go done in history as one of the greatest goalkeepers the football world has ever seen. He will always be remembered as one of the Chelsea legends who helped Chelsea win several trophies including the prestigious UEFA Champions League title. During his days at Chelsea, Petr Cech played against some of the best European strikers including Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben among others. However, Petr Cech ranks former Manchester United player as his toughest opponent.

According to Cech, Manchester United's record goals scorer Wayne Rooney is the toughest opponent he faced during his professional football career that lasted for over 20 years. Chelsea faced Manchester United so many times when Petr Cech was their goalkeeper. According to Petr Cech, the match between Chelsea and Manchester United was the most toughest due to the presence of Wayne Rooney.

Petr Cech told Chelsea website that every time they faced Manchester United, he always made sure that he was careful whenever Wayne Rooney had the ball. This is because Wayne Rooney was very clever and unpredictable. He could dribble past all the defenders, shoot the ball from anywhere and still manage to score. This is the reason why he was often careful when he saw Rooney with the ball.

However, Petr Cech says that he enjoyed whenever Chelsea faced Manchester United. Wayne Rooney always gave him a challenge that he enjoyed.

Petr Cech told Chelsea website:

"Wayne Rooney is obviously the toughest opponent I have ever faced. He is a guy who can chase, who can fight, who can run, who is clever with his shot. He could score from the halfway line, he could try and chip you if you were too high. That was a challenge I enjoyed.

When I look back, I'm happy for the good things. I'm obviously not happy with the things that didn't go exactly as we wanted, but they played an important part, so I wouldn't change a thing."

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